RDNYC Intersangha: What We Do

The Recovery Dharma Global Core Intentions state that each sangha (meeting group, or simply “meeting”) operates independently, except in matters affecting other sanghas or Recovery Dharma as a whole. The New York City Intersangha is a committee of volunteers elected by the Recovery Dharma New York City (RDNYC) community to supervise and guide constituent sanghas in relationship to one another. Members of the Intersangha committee include its chair or co-chairs and other leadership; meeting representatives, chosen by their sangha to report on its activities; and officers serving a variety of roles, detailed below. 

RDNYC Intersangha currently meets virtually on the third Monday of each month from 6:30-7:30pm.

What Do We Do?

The Intersangha’s functions are as follows:

  • Compile and maintain directory of active RDNYC meetings
  • Pool resources to pay for rent and supplies for RDNYC meetings and events
  • Oversee RDNYC website and social media presence
  • Conduct outreach to hospitals and institutions of recovery
  • Coordinate mutual support among the constituent sanghas
  • Provide financial support or subsidies for members who incur costs while representing RDNYC at voted-upon functions (this may include: international conference, speaking at recovery conferences, etc.)
  • Foster community and connection among the growing number of Recovery Dharma meetings in NYC through activities and events
  • Maintain a treasury comprised of funds raised at RDNYC events and a dana (charitable contributions) raised at their own discretion by  constituent RDNYC meetings
  • Represent RDNYC at the regional and national levels of the Recovery Dharma organization
  • Increase awareness of the Recovery Dharma model for addiction recovery, support the creation of new local meetings, and foster community and connection among the growing number of Recovery Dharma meetings in New York City
  • Produce and distribute relevant literature on RDNYC and the RDNYC Intersangha

In accordance with the Five Principles, RDNYC does not make decisions for individual meetings, which operate independently. 

Who Can Attend the Recovery Dharma Intersangha Meeting?

All members of Recovery Dharma are welcome to attend monthly RDNYC Intersangha meetings and take part in discussion. Only elected officers and sangha representatives may vote on business matters.


Recovery Dharma NYC Intersangha is comprised of members elected to the following positions:

  • Chair
  • Co-Chair
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Communications Chair
  • Literature Chair
  • Events Chair
  • Outreach Chair
  • Wise Friends Chair
  • Meeting representatives

Each member serves a 12-month term. Terms run from January to December of the following year. Currently, there is no term limit for officer positions, however RDNYC Intersangha should revisit and consider the possibility of a term limit each year.

Meeting Structure

  • Secretary reviews meeting notes for last month’s meeting; members vote on whether to accept minutes as reported by secretary
  • Treasurer reports on Intersangha finances
  • Members offer updates on ongoing items of business
  • Committee chairs report on committee undertakings
  • Group discusses new business

What are the RDNYC subcommittees?

There are currently three subcommittees: Social Media Outreach (Outreach), Hospitals and Institutions (Outreach), and Mentorship (Events).

What is a Sangha Representative?

The sangha rep’s job is to represent the constituent meeting-groups’ interest to Intersangha and to keep their home sanghas apprised of intersangha activities 

Elected Positions and Roles

  • Sangha Representative – ​liaison between an individual meeting and RDNYC Intersangha empowered to vote on matters of Intersangha business. Each meeting group decides independently on the length of term of its representative.
  • Intersangha Chair​ – Organizes and facilitates Intersangha business meetings. This role is non-authoritative and does not hold power to veto or make decisions on the group’s behalf.
  • Co-Chair – Assists the chair in facilitating business meetings and organization.
  • Secretary​ – Takes detailed notes (“minutes”) during Intersangha meetings and maintains Intersangha representative and officer contact list; presents previous month’s minutes for review and voting; compiles archives minutes from previous meetings.
  • Communications Chair –  Responsible for the strategic coordination of all communications with members including the website. Works with outreach and social media committees to ensure consistent messages across all media and platforms.
  • Treasurer​ – Maintains Intersangha treasury. Creates reports for every Intersangha meeting, disburses approved funds.
  • Events Chair​ -Organizes locally-based activities for RDNYC participants, such as quarterly day-long retreats, group outings and events, potluck meals, hikes and outdoor activities, etc.
  • Outreach Chair​ – Spearheads community outreach, interfaces with local rehab centers, website events calendar, etc.
  • Literature Chair – Purchases and distributes books, designs and coordinates with the printers to print pamphlets, newsletters and other materials for RDNYC; writes, edits, and maintains online literature.
  • Wise Friends Chair – Helps link up RDNYC members who are seeking Wise Friends, collaborates with Events Chair to have Wise Friendship events. 

Voting Rules

We must have a quorum at our meetings in order to conduct business. This means sixty percent of currently held voting positions must be present. Motions require a two-thirds majority to pass.