Sangha Group Chats

If you attend one or more of our meetings you may wish to connect outside the meeting with others from your meeting or the wider NYC sangha. Most of our meetings have a corresponding WhatsApp chat group, and we also have a couple of NYC Sangha umbrella WhatsApp groups. These are used for mutual support, announcements, & meeting logistics.

Below is a summary of the WhatsApp chat groups and their associated meeting where applicable. If you would like to join one or more of these chat groups, please contact or use the Contact page.

  • NYC Wise Friends connections/support: “Wise Friends RDNYC”
  • NYC Events/Park Meetings: “Park” chat group
  • Wed. 12pm meeting: “Wed Noon Parallax”
  • Wed. 8:15pm meeting: “Wed Eve Brooklyn Sangha”
  • Thu. 7:00pm meeting: “Thursday RD Group”
  • Fri. 8:00am meeting: “Fri Morning Women”
  • Fri. 6:30pm meeting: “Harlem Sangha”
  • Sat. 7:00pm meeting: “Saturday Eve Sangha”
  • Sun. 6:30pm meeting: “RD Sun @ The Floor”