We need your input

We need your input!!! The varying realities of current life have changed the ways Recovery Dharma NYC (RDNYC) works in many ways. Some meetings are in person, some hybrid, some entirely online with attendees from all over the globe. Some meetings have been closed due to lack of support, some have representatives from places far from NYC. Service is a vital part of recovery, both personally, and for the health and sustainability of our sanghas. Would you like to learn how to chair an online meeting? Let us know, and we’ll train you! The RDNYC Intersangha knows it needs to be responsive to the changing needs of our community, and we need you to tell us how.

Our current Intersangha needs volunteers, as well! Are you in community with local rehabilitation centers? We need people to get involved in outreach, to show that there are many paths to recovery that they might not be aware of. Are you interested in online outreach or the technical side of things? Our website and social media need you!

You can reach out to us through our contact page or directly at outreach@rdnyc.org.

Help us craft a new vision for RDNYC by letting us know what you hope to see, and how you can help. Comment by April 30th, and join us (online, via Zoom) for our next Intersangha meeting May 15!