2022 Intersangha Officers

Announcing the Recovery Dharma NYC Intersangha Officers for 2022!

Two positions remain vacant, so if you’re looking for an opportunity to offer service, please consider volunteering for one of them. You can refer to the previous elections post for more information on the positions and officer expectations.

  • Intersangha Chair​: Lisa A
  • Intersangha Co-Chair​: Joshua S
  • Intersangha Secretary​: _____
  • Intersangha Treasurer​: Matthew S
  • Communication Chair: Adam P
  • Literature Chair: RJ B
  • Events Chair​: Ben D
  • Outreach Chair​: _____
  • Wise Friends Chair: Yvette Q

New officers are encouraged to attend the Dec 20 Intersangha meeting (virtual, zoom) to observe (but cannot vote). The incoming 2022 Intersangha team will decide if they want to meet on Jan 17 (MLK Day) or move to a different day.