Sangha Group Chats

Today we’ve added information on the various RDNYC group chats you might be interested in joining—most associated with a specific meeting, others for city-wide mutual support and announcements.

For more information please see our Sangha Group Chats page. The list of available chat groups is reproduced here:

  • NYC Wise Friends connections/support: “Wise Friends RDNYC”
  • NYC Events/Park Meetings: “Park” chat group
  • Tues. 7:15pm meeting: “RDNYC Tuesday Night Inquiry”
  • Wed. 12pm meeting: “Wed Noon Parallax”
  • Wed. 7:00pm meeting: “Wed Eve Manhattan Sangha”
  • Wed. 8:15pm meeting: “Wed Eve Brooklyn Sangha”
  • Thu. 7:00pm meeting: “Thursday RD Group”
  • Fri. 8:00am meeting: “Fri Morning Women”
  • Fri. 6:30pm meeting: “Harlem Sangha”
  • Sat. 7:00pm meeting: “Saturday Sangha”
  • Sun. 6:30pm meeting: “RD Sun @ The Floor”